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Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Ariely: Work and Motivation

Jill Bolte Taylor's Stroke of Insight

Understanding Other Minds

Reforming Higher Education

Stanford Multitasking Experiments

Why we love beautiful things

The Neurochemistry of Empathy, Storytelling, and the Dramatic Arc,

Stop trying to be creative

Radiolab: Soulmates

Jack Zipes: are fairy tales still useful for children?

Writing and Maker Spaces


Innovation & Literary Art Online


Our Bloodstained Roof

Game game game game again

DAKOTA (Young-Hae Chang)

Pick me up / Knock me down

The Unknown (hypertext)

bpNichol's First Screening (emulator)

Swallows (1985) Description, links to Apple //e emulator and disk images

"Universal Translator" by Amy Letter

Fan-Made Star Wars

"Strange Space" by Leslie Thornton

Pop Sonnets

If Jane Austen...Writing Workshop

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Creativity

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2: Time


Interactive Screenplays

Painting Show: Woman's Life

Photorealistic Morgan Freeman

Facebook Manners and You

Cory Doctorow's Makers


The Mandrake Vehicles

Dan Weber's "Strings"

"Oulipoems" by Millie Niss

NAWLZ animated comic


Draw a Stick Man

Full Screen Mario

"Inanimate Alice" by Kate Pullinger

slippingglimpse by Stephanie Strickland

"Sea and Spar Between" Strickland & Montfort

"The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot" Strickland and Holmes

Fun da mentals: Rhetorical Devices for Electronic Literature

Luminous Airplanes

Every Day the Same Dream

xkcd "Click and Drag"

The Oatmeal

Black People Love Us!

Is This Feminist?

Help Save the Endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus from Extinction!

Central Institute of Technology

Artists' Books Online

Play Infocom Adventures Online

Queneau's Hundred Thousand Billion Poems (originally in French)

Choose Your Story

Folding Story

Steve McCafferey's Carnival

David Foster Wallace This Is Water

Hyperbole and a Half

Photo Mediations Machine

Anhedonia (Twine)

How to make games with Twine (includes links to games)

Six Fairy Tales for the Modern Woman

If Kerouac Wrote Javascript

Take It

Mark Sample's Reality Bots

Ctrl on Hulu

The Guild

Doodling in Math Class

Python Love Poem

Phoenix Wright (Visual Novel) for iOS

5 Cwmdonkin Drive



Movingpoems (+ Author Made)


On Writing, Literature, & Related

Haruki Murakami "The Moment I Became a Novelist"

Authenticity Obsession, or Conceptualism as Minstrel Show

On Netprov - Marino & Wittig

Forgetful Internet

CYOA Visualizations & Analysis

Permissive Approach to "Non-Fiction"

Daniel Mendelsohn's review of Ben Yagoda's Memoir: a history

Writing While Female

eBooks vs. Paper Books

Ultraconserved Words

Human Books

I Love ePoetry

Illya Szilak Essays on E-Lit

Pathfinders Project

Electronic Literature: Where is it?

Memetics: Ch 11 of The Selfish Gene

Dina Smith on Breakfast at Tiffany's

War of the Worlds - RadioLab

Sound Studies Blog on Orson Welles

The Media Archaeology Lab




Adrift (make text adventures)

Quest (make text adventures)

UNDUM (interactive hypertext system)



MacGuffin (beta)

Inklewriter (make branching stories)

Future Voices (iOS made w Inkle)

Infinite Story (make branching stories)

Twine (make interactive stories with Javascript) (Free Twine Hosting)

Comic Book Script Archive

Common Errors in English

Adobe Creative Cloud for Students





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