Previously Published Stories

"Madison in Dreams" was published in Louisiana Literature. The story's concept has been roiling in my mind since childhood: the idea that while we're sleeping we might experience the lives of waking people on the other side of the planet... and that their ordinary lives might be so alien to us that they seem strange and dream-like.

"Tempting Frances" was published in Quarterly West. The story was inspired by the life of Frances Farmer, who was not only an actress but an intellect, and an atheist communist intellect at that. Farmer was lobotomized and wound up a good, quiet religious girl who married, worked a decent job, but who lost every trace of who she was. I set my story in the moment before that tragedy, before all that she was was lost.

"Gator Girl" was published in Fringe Magazine. The story was inspired by a visit to a 3rd grade classroom in central Arkansas -- part of the "Writers in the Schools" program. I met a little girl whose teeth had already been corroded from methamphetamine use into points; her smile reminded me of a gator's smile. I met a little girl who was ten years old and in school for the first time, placed in the 3rd grade as a sort of compromise, but she could not write her own name, and, at ten, she still babbled baby-talk. These children lived in my imagination for years, and one day I discovered they had built this story for me, so I wrote it down.